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  • Moisturizing Sanitizer Lemongrass

    Moisturizing Sanitizer – Philippine Cinnamon + Lemongrass (100ml)


    Naturale Care Moisturizing Sanitizer is now available in 2 natural (organic) scents! Philippine Cinnamon + Lemongrass, and Pure Philippine Cinnamon. This sanitizer is made of plant-based materials: 70% ethyl alcohol from sugarcane; 30% aromatic waters and essential oils that Plantsville Health lovingly distilled and plants produced organically by partner farmers. This sanitizer is developed and…

  • Cinnamon Coco Sugar

    Philippine Cinnamon Coco Sugar


    Naturally grown coconut sugar mixed with Philippine cinnamon powder.  It is a convenient product to use as a substitute to cane sugar for coffee, tea, and other drinks, and for baking and cooking, with added benefits of the cinnamon.  Coconut sugar is high in inulin which helps our gut health, and it is also low glycemic and is good for diabetics, and sugar and weight watchers.

  • Cinnamon Seedlings

    Philippine Cinnamon Kalingag Seedling


    This is the Philippine native species, Cinnamomum mercadoi. It is around 1 foot, hardened for at least 3 months, and comes with a soft copy of planting/growing protocol issued by Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR). Shipping of P350 via LBC, which can accommodate up to 6 seedlings. This is best for planting for…

  • Natural Mouthwash

    Philippine Cinnamon Natural Mouthwash for Oil Pulling (100ml)


    Freshens Breath, Anti-Bleeding, Anti-Pain with Oil Pulling Factor Freshen up your breath with the oil pulling factor of natural and premium Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), therapeutic grade Philippine Cinnamon essential oil and Moringa seed oil in an easy to use mouthwash bottles. Plantsville Health is a fully registered, social enterprise company in the Philippines since…

  • Relaxing Massage Oil

    Philippine Cinnamon Relaxing Massage Oil (100ml)


    A delight to the senses. Philippine Cinnamon and Lemongrass help one to relax and manage body pain. Plantsville Health is a fully registered, social enterprise company in the Philippines since 2017. The Philippines has 19 endemic species of cinnamon, and they are on the IUCN list of threatened species. Plantsville Health has taken on the…

  • Seeds Wedding

    Seeds Wedding Favor


    Chemical-free Lemon-Lime Vine seeds in beautiful and customized seed packet. Lemon-Lime Vine attracts bees effectively. Price covers seeds only, and price for seed packet depends on buyer’s choice. Minimum of 50 seed packets.

  • Sleep Aromatic Water

    Sleep Aromatic Water (100ml)


    Sleep Aromatic Water (SAW) helps you sleep better.  SAW is a mixture of natural / organic, therapeutic grade Hydrosol and Essential oil of Philippine Cinnamon and Lemongrass and a little ethanol. Best to use it with Diffuser. Just pour 2 caps bottle with 500ml clean water and start diffusing during bedtime.  You can also use…