Moisturizing Sanitizer – Philippine Cinnamon + Lemongrass (100ml)


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Naturale Care Moisturizing Sanitizer is now available in 2 natural (organic) scents! Philippine Cinnamon + Lemongrass, and Pure Philippine Cinnamon. This sanitizer is made of plant-based materials: 70% ethyl alcohol from sugarcane; 30% aromatic waters and essential oils that Plantsville Health lovingly distilled and plants produced organically by partner farmers. This sanitizer is developed and produced with support from Innovation for Social Impact Partnership (ISIP), DOST Balik Scientist Dr. Yob Doronila, DOST TUPV HIVE, Technological University of the Philippines Visayas (TUPV), and DOST Region VI Negros. The sanitizer kills 99% of germs as certified by an ISO-accredited laboratory (copy of certification available upon request). The ethyl alcohol used in this product is also compliant with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards on alcohol grade, acetaldehyde, and methanol (copy of certification is available upon request). You may also inhale its scent to help stop coughing and sneezing, especially if you are in an enclosed space like a room, car, or airplane.  Plant materials used for this sanitizer were sourced from small farmers in Negros Occidental. We are proud to say that using Naturale Care Moisturizing Sanitizer would help to keep you safe during the pandemic without drying your skin, help small farmers earn, support a local producer like us, and help save the Philippine cinnamon from extinction


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