Turon With Cinnamon Coco Sugar

My friend, Lala Rimando, made turon of banana lumpia with cinnamon coco sugar caramel and cheese. I’m sure it tastes good, and yum smelling, too! #pakaspecial Get your naturally-farmed (organic) coco sugar with cinnamon (P159/pack 200g), or buy 10 packs at P124/pack for your business. Open for resellers. Coco sugar is low glycemic, and studies show that cinnamon controls blood sugar. Ideal for weight watchers and diabetics. Message us or click link (https://bit.ly/Plantsville1) how to order and pay. We deliver nationwide. Thanks! #foodismedicine

Be sure to plant your own Philippine cinnamon at home, as part of your container gardening, or in the ground, at home or in the farm, as food and medicine. Message us for the seedlings! #conservation #livelihood #health #local

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cinnamon coco sugar
Cinnamon Coco Sugar

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