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I made baked and fried banana fritters (in Ilonggo, “kumbo”), and I used cinnamon coco sugar. I made hot choco using tablea, too. I asked my daughter if it tastes good. Her reply: you know it tastes good if you cook it. So I countered that it is because of the special ingredient. My husband and she replied, “Just like Spongebob!”, and they laughed together, too. LOL! Mag-amay gid😂 (Like father, like daughter) Message us for the cinnamon coco sugar and pure cacao #tablea. Salamat.


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cinnamon coco sugar
Cinnamon Coco Sugar

Be sure to plant your own Philippine cinnamon at home, as part of your container gardening, or in the ground, at home or in the farm, as food and medicine. Message us for the seedlings! #conservation #livelihood #health #local

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