Kill the Virus Without Harming Yourself with Toxic Chemicals

9,838 reported new COVID cases in the Philippines yesterday, in 1 day alone. Let’s keep on protecting ourselves! Bamboo Pomelo 3-in-1 Natural Sanitizer

1. Use on hands to kill 99% of germs
2. Spray on air in the car or room to kill airborne germs
3. Spray on linen and surfaces (doorknob, counter, armrest, etc.)

All-natural, plant-based ingredients: Denatured ethyl alcohol from sugarcane, bamboo aromatic water, pomelo essential oil (0.01% dilution).1 liter P350, 100ml P100Shopee Name: Plantsville HealthPlease message us!

Be sure to plant your own Philippine cinnamon at home, as part of your container gardening, or in the ground, at home or in the farm, as food and medicine. Message us for the seedlings!#conservation#livelihood#healthyliving#local

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