DRINK, Philippine Cinnamon

A Teacup of Cinnamon with Love.

Sipping tea from fresh kaningag cinnamon leaves. Very fragrant! Note the lovely red color, too. Kalingag (Cinnamomum mercadoi) leaves essential oil is 87% made up of cinnamaldehyde, which protects us from hypertension.

How to make this tea: boil 1.5cups of water, then lower fire once water boils. Drop 2 leaves (torn 3 ways), and simmer for 5 mins. Using Coco sugar/sugar is optional. #foodismedicine


Be sure to plant your own Philippine cinnamon at home, as part of your container gardening, or in the ground, at home or in the farm, as food and medicine. Message us for the seedlings! #conservation #livelihood #health #local

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