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River Health and Philippine Riverbank Species By Dr Teresita Perez

How much do we know how to keep our river/banks healthy? Dr. Teresita Perez (Environmental Science, Ateneo de Manila University) will share insights on river health, including the true Philippine riverbank species, Agooy.On July 21, DOST Balik Scientist Dr. Yob Doronila is hosting the Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering (PAASE) online meeting on Ecology, Evolution, Fisheries and Marine Science. There will be 6 topics, and 1 of them is by Dr. Prez. Dr. Doronila will discuss metal-eating plants, while Dr. Jay Picardal will discuss the Philippine cinnamon.The FREE online conference is at 8-10:30am (Phil time), Tuesday, July 21, and for registration, please click https://bit.ly/saveriverbank. Salamat po.

Be sure to plant your own Philippine cinnamon at home, as part of your container gardening, or in the ground, at home or in the farm, as food and medicine. Message us for the seedlings! #conservation #livelihood #health #local

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